The importance of investing in newbies

Young, new employees tend to offer your business positives and negatives. While hiring a graduate has it’s pros and cons the positive effect they could bring to your business supersedes the supposed risks. They often bring with them fresh, innovative ideas and are incredibly eager to please which means they’ll listen hard and deliver as best they can.

The office newbie might walk around with an arrogant attitude right in the beginning because they’re proud of their new position but don’t let that sour you towards them. They prove themselves by also not shying away from new technology and processes, they’re also likely to offer stellar customer service because of their energy and enthusiasm. And, as an extra bonus, they’ll probably promote your business or brand on social media because there’s no 20-something who isn’t on social media in some shape or form.

They’re not all stars but when you find the right one you really win

Not every straight-out-of-college employee is going to be the star of your business but through nurturing and guidance you can turn the fresh blood into a real business asset. What’s more, through your time and effort you’ll garner loyalty and sometimes a lifelong employee.

The idea of investing in your newbie might sound like too much effort to take on

Perhaps you feel that you don’t have the time to focus your attention on one employee. However, you can nurture them by throwing them in the so-called “deep-end”. Give them menial but important tasks. Tasks that (if completed correctly) positively impact the entire team. Thereby gaining investment from the rest of the employees through the direct positive effect the newbie has on their work life. These might be administrative tasks, stock take, errands or even simply running the procurement side of your operation. Hopefully a couple of your senior team members will copy your behaviour and begin guiding the new, young staff member too.

Give your newbie every opportunity to win

By giving your newbie responsibilities and tasks that are easily delivered on you’re giving them the opportunity to win. Every win counts and every new staff member enjoys the feeling of finally fitting in and delivering on expectations. This can be a really difficult time for a fresh graduate as they have absolutely no idea of how the workplace operates. As an employer, by investing your time and energy into a young staff member, you’re offering them a space in which they can identify their strengths and weaknesses within a new environment.

You’ll also become attuned to how you see them fitting into your operations in the future and this’ll give you more insight into how to use them to benefit the business. Once you’ve identified these attributes you can further nurture the newbie’s talents by either setting up a mentorship program or sending them on business training courses that’ll push them to become what your business needs.