Improve your emotional intelligence

We probably know people in our personal lives or from the workplace who are usually more understanding than others and are easy to talk to because they are great listeners and actually pay attention - and no matter what the situation is, they are very considerate and are known to be comforters; making sure that when you leave you at least feel better.

These kinds of people are good at controlling their emotions and feelings; they usually don’t allow themselves to be controlled by them, even though life is unpredictable and at times complicated, they are honest with themselves and with you, and would have a solution in place. They are great decision makers and they can handle and take in criticism as well, instead of feeling bad or want to crawl under a rock, they would use it to improve themselves.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
it’s the ability to recognise your emotions, understand and realise how your emotions could affect people around you as well as how people’s emotions affect you; by involving your perception of others and understanding how people feel , this would enable you to manage relationships much better than before

In the working environment, EI can be seen as the key to success; you’d be able to manage people and relationships, because you would have high EI levels most people would want to come to you for advice, even when developing your EI- in the workplace people will be able to see the leader in you. Some may not have high Emotional Intelligence levels from the start, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve them.

What can Academy Training Group do for you?

We offer the Emotional Intelligence course that will evaluate and elevate your EI levels, develop strategies for effectively applying your Emotional intelligence in the working environment and helping you have better self-understanding, regulating your emotions and improve social recognition skills. The course will assess your current intelligence capabilities, determine your strengths and examine how emotions affect behaviour and how behaviours impact relationships.

The duration of the course would be three days
NQF Level 5

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