India seeks greater co-operation in education


South Africa and India must work together to improve standards and ensure quality outputs in primary and higher education levels. Indian State President, Abdul Kalam made this proposal in his address to a joint sitting of Parliament.

Dr Kalam is on a State visit to South Africa, the first by an Indian Head of State since the dawn of democracy.

"We need a strategy for promoting the education level of the entire population in a phased manner," he said.

The Indian President said the number of young people completing high school had to be increased.

On a tertiary level, the number of students finishing their education in professional, science, management, commerce and arts courses should be improved. He said the two countries could share information on how this could be achieved.

President Kalam added that the partnership could be in the form of exchange of teachers and professors.

"And work towards providing universal tele-education model and quality content for students living in remote areas," he proposed.

He added that entrepreneurship training for the youth should also be provided to equip young people with skills to take up challenges, including encouraging young people to take risks.

Quoting statistics, which indicates that both countries have a population of over 50 percent below the age of 25, he said this translated into 565 million people in India.

He explained that this was a human capital strength that could be turned into knowledge capital to bring about transformation.

Source: BuaNews