Information Tech….nology

If there is one thing that we’ve been taught in life during the last couple of months……is that it has become apparent that a set of skills are needed to assist you, whenever you are working from home or in the office. Some skills sets may be categorised as a scarce skill or any skills that are relevant to complete daily goals.

These skills sets may range from Self-Management or Self-Motivation, Critical Thinking, Time Management, Communication skills, Team Work or even Collaboration Skills. It all ends with the fact that besides all the skills you may possess, you will always need to be tech-savvy. As technology has now become an absolute norm in our business and private lives, we still need to grow and upkeep with the latest upgrades/updates.

If you are merely an Office Administrator needing to send bulk emails, compile excel reports or send business proposals in Word or Presentation format, it all links up to if you have the necessary Computer Literacy skills. If you think more in the line of an IT Professional, you would need some PC Technician or Networking knowledge, before maintaining or setting up IT requirements, for any Client or Company. An example might even be that Marketers overall, need the necessary Digital Marketing- or Social Media marketing skills, in order to continue their profession.

Have a look at the Information Technology knowledge/skills sets, most people would need in their “working” lives:

 Essential Computer Skills
 Email and Internet browsing skills
 Word Processing skills
 Spreadsheets
 Database
 PowerPoint
 Project Planning
 Digital Marketing skills
 Social Media Marketing skills
 PC Technician
 Network Technician
 End User Computing

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