Infusing a customer-centric culture into your organisation

In the current climate of poor and indifferent service, being able to infuse your organisation with a Service-Centric Culture, and gaining the commitment of your entire workforce to this philosophy, gives your company a significant competitive advantage in an exceedingly competitive world.

“Having mentored the CEO of a company whose organisation’s turnover was R1,6 billion last financial year, I asked him what his aspirations for the next 5 years are, his response was “I want to be the biggest company in my industry. I challenged and encouraged him to adopt an action plan that would change his aspiration statement to: “I want to be the company that offers the best customer service: happy staff equals happy customers equals increased profitability".


Customer Service may not be essential to the success of an organisation experiencing high demand for its products and services, and little to zero competition. However, most industries have a multitude of players; each competitor vying for the other’s customer.

Where competition abounds a competitive edge is required to stay one or more steps ahead of the rest. Where price and product may be hard to tell apart, customer service becomes the edge that differentiates excellence from mediocrity. It creates customer value and a need for that value. It goes without saying that excellent customer service is essential to a company’s sustainability and should be a key consideration in any strategy to outperform competitors; it is without a doubt the differentiator!


This is a duty that belongs to every employee! A commitment to excellence in customer service is not to be relegated only to those with the phrase ‘customer service” in their job description. This duty belongs to every employee and should be an attitude that takes root in the mind-set and manner of every member of the organisation; from the CEO, to the Sales Consultant, to the Accounting Clerk. Every member of the team forms part of the service chain and directly impacts other team member’s abilities to serve the customer and exceed their expectations. Do you and all your employees have a sense of personal responsibility in fulfilling your company’s promise to its customers?


Your staff members are directly linked to your profitability and as such, any forward thinking company should embark on attaining the fundamental elements required in the pursuit o fexcellence in customer service :

• Hiring Smart: hire for attitude, the rest can be taught!
• Adopting a Learning Culture: train and mentor right by including all employees in
training programmes which are aimed at excellence in Customer Service.
• Rewarding Positive Behaviour
• Effectively Dealing with Negative Behaviour
• Extending Professional Courtesy to Company Suppliers and understanding the
value of interactions with them… remember a supplier who is treated with RESPECT
WILL be more inclined to DELIVER A QUALITY SERVICE & OR PRODUCT, and be more
accommodating of crisis situations and special requests
• Demonstrating Employee-Value (Support and acknowledgment from the
Employer/Line Manager)
• Demonstrating Team-Support (Value and acknowledgement from colleagues in
supporting inter-team/department collaborations)

The quality of Customer Service at every level and in every interaction makes a significant difference by adding or dismantling the value of an organisation! It is clear that relevant and ongoing training from inception goes a long way in developing powerful customer service skills that benefit all stakeholders and positively influence the bottom-line.

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