Innovative learnership to combat ICT skills shortage


It is a widely accepted fact that SA has fallen victim to the steadily increasing
"brain drain’ within the ICT sector. This skills shortage concern has been the driving
force behind a powerful new initiative aimed at addressing this issue.

Spearheaded by convergence specialist, T-Systems, a number of leading South
African companies are combining resources and expertise to launch South Africa’s
first multi-media ICT Academy at the Community and Individual Development
Association (CIDA) City Campus.

The academy will use the latest in multi-media and e-learning technology and global
best practice methodologies to educate students from previously disadvantaged

While critics might mention other similar initiatives, the immediate differentiator of
this project is the combined commitment, resources and experience that will be
drawn from the ISETT SETA, consortium members, and the CIDA CITY Campus to
make this initiative a huge success.

The foundation of the academy is the curriculum that aims to provide learners
with a specialist ISETT SETA recognised Learnership. A three-year curriculum will be
offered, with the first year consisting of a foundation in information technology and
telecommunications training. Thereafter the students will have the option to choose
from three streams of specialisation, such as programming, enterprise resource
planning and networking. Highly skilled specialist tutors will mentor students.

The curriculum, which was the brainchild of Outlearning, (of which Susheila
Moodley was an executive director) has earned high praise and recognition from the
ISETT SETA for it’s solid and ambitious skills training and development programme.
The role of the ISETT SETA is to develop curriculum’s similar in nature for various
industry sectors, but in this case Outlearning independently researched and compiled
the curriculum based on current and future market requirements and presented it to
the SETA for consideration.

In acknowledgement of the high quality of the curriculum, the ISETT SETA
immediately embraced the project and is putting the curriculum through the
necessary registration and accreditation.

Students will be sourced from the existing second and third year students
currently doing their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at CIDA. The
elected courses will be over and above the academic curriculum of the BBA degree
and students will have the option to specialise.

According to Oupa Mopaki, senior manager operations for the ISETT SETA the
curriculum demonstrated a clear understanding of the requirements and a vision for
ICT skills training in SA.

The consortium comprises of some of SA’s most notable ICT organisations
including SAP, Espial Consulting, CompTIA, Cisco, SUN Microsystems and Outlearning.

The Facilitation Workshop