Integrated reporting to create value in ACCA qualification


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the first global
accountancy body to introduce integrated reporting into its qualification.

Integrated reporting (IR) is a process established on integrated thinking that
results in communication, noticeably in a periodic integrated report by an
organisation, about sustainable value creation. For the first time in the
accountancy profession, students will be examined on integrated reporting
when ACCA introduces it into its qualification from December 2014. An integrated
report is a brief, detailed communication about how organisation?s performance,
governance and strategy lead to the holistic creation of sustainable value.

This introduction comes as the International Integrated Reporting Council
(IIRC) launched its new integrated reporting framework. Chaired by Professor
Mervyn King and Paul Druckman (Chief Executive Office), IIRC is a comprehensive
union of firms, investors, regulators, standard setters, the accountancy
profession and NGO?s. The International Integrated Reporting Council is the
global authority on integrated reporting and is of the notion that vested interest
in communication about value creation is crucial to the advancement of corporate

ACCA?s strategic introduction of integrated reporting aims to improve the
quality of information available by developing a diversified set of skills and
supporting decision-making that focuses on the creation of value."We continue
to enhance our syllabus on a regular basis to ensure that ACCA members are at
the forefront of good practice.'- Allan Hatfield, Director of Learning at ACCA.

Enhancing the syllabus will preserve ACCA?s relevance, resonating change within
the accountancy profession and place emphasize the importance of integrated
thinking. Furthermore, ACCA was also the first accountancy body to introduce
and examine International Financial Reporting Standards, better known as IFRS,
and a first to examine the Global Reporting Initiative framework in 2000.

"The accounting industry needs to be one step ahead. Consider your market,
challenge your own processes and never let competitors govern your direction.'
- Karen Smal, Acting Head of ACCA South Africa.

South African organisations need a well-thought-out reporting environment.
By introducing IR into the syllabus creates an area where professional ACCA
affiliates can create long-term value for their firms and demonstrate leadership.

Evidently, ACCA?s unique core values such as accountability, innovation and
opportunity continue to steer the professional body, equipping professionals
with understanding and expertise to work in all sectors.

ACCA has developed resources to inform members on the adoption and
implementation of integration reporting.

More information about the ACCA Qualification can be found at:

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