Invest in graphic design learnership

Investing in this programme will afford companies the opportunity to invest in critical skills, adding sustainable and meaningful value to their business, as well as contributing towards the skills development element of their B-BBEE scorecard.

In today’s digital age, building a strong brand identity should be a fundamental part of a company’s strategic intent and skill set. Brand recognition and a well-defined corporate identity are becoming ways in which companies are gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors.

What is Graphic Design and why is it important
Graphic Designers are individuals who work with a variety of images, words and media platforms in order to build and expand on an organisation’s branding and corporate identity. Graphic Designers create brand awareness and drive the company’s marketing and brand agenda. It requires a specific set of skills and expertise, which is often scarce.

Addressing this scarcity, Progression is launching an exciting new Graphic Design Learnership programme which it is ideal for companies operating in the Marketing, Communications and Media arenas.

It is a full two year Graphic Design (NQF4 & 5) qualification offering learners the opportunity to engage and develop in a multitude of design, text and drawing skills developing a proficient understanding in corporate identity and branding.

Some highlights offered by the course include:
Introduction to HTML Designs
Business Communication Planning
Drawing and Designing in Adobe
Digital Photography
Multimedia presentations

If you are an employer who would like to implement the Graphic Design Learnership, email or 011 452 3304.

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