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Recognised as an Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence (ISOE) in the field of Business Analysis by the MICT SETA, FTI prides itself on providing exceptional career and skills-oriented training to the professional knowledge worker.

FTI has recently retired its’ landmark DipBA programme and introduced the National Certificate in Business Analysis, a SAQA accredited qualification at Level 6.

After consultation with its’ students and the marketplace in general, Faculty Training has recognised the need to add the unique and well respected FTI brand onto this qualification to ensure that students who complete their NCBA through FTI will be able to take advantage of the unique richness and reputation which the FTI brand bestows. Much the same way as an MBA from one institution may carry more weight, credibility and status than that from another, we believe that doing the SAQA accredited NCBA through FTI will carry the added credibility of our unique reputation.

To this end, we are excited to announce the launch of our Advanced Business Analysis Programme, affectionately dubbed the “AdBA” which fully incorporates and also delivers the SAQA National Certificate: Business Analysis (SAQA ID 63909) which will be conferred by the MICT Seta on successful completion of the programme. Having firmly established a reputation amongst those in the know as a trailblazer over the past two decades with the now retired and highly acknowledged DipBA offering, the AdBA/NCBA seeks to pick up where the DipBA left off. With a pedigree firmly rooted in the learnings and successes of its predecessor, the AdBA promises to deliver everything previously experienced in the legacy programme and more. Increased insight into the subject matter, additional skills transfer and a contemporary and inspired classroom experience championed by FTI’s seasoned facilitators make for a unique and unmatched learning experience in the field of business analysis.

The AdBA (NCBA) addresses all of the learning areas and competencies previously covered in FTI’s DipBA and is only slightly longer in duration to allow for the preparation of a PoE at the end, to meet the SETA requirements for the National Certificate. Faculty Training Institute is confident that successful delegates on this programme will display the same levels of proficiency and skills application as those who have previously graduated from the institution

With 26 years in the training industry, Faculty Training Institute is recognised as a leading trainer of Business Analyst and other IT professionals countrywide with successful graduates being well respected and in demand across broad sectors of industry. The AdBA is backed by the unsurpassed reputation of Faculty Training Institute which has consistently delivered relevant, focused and contemporary market driven skills programmes. Faculty Training Institute is also an IIBA endorsed education provider and at the end of the FTI AdBA (NCBA) programme, delegates are further encouraged to prepare for and write the CBAP® or CCBA® exams, administered by the IIBA and thereby gain an internationally recognised and acknowledged certification. For those candidates who follow this route, the AdBA will have provided them with more than the required 21 professional development hours required for certification and would be eligible for the maximum 30 continuing development hours for recertification.

Should previous FTI delegates of the DipBA programme also wish to specifically gain the SETA accredited National Certificate in Business Analysis (NQF 6), they can do this through recognition of their prior learning with FTI’s National Certificate in Business Analysis Prior Learning course

The AdBA is aimed at the experienced and professional BA. Delegates on the programme should have at least two years working experience with their most recent position being that of Business Analyst and have access to appropriate projects which involve requirements gathering and specification which they can use for course assignments and in the preparation of their PoE’s. Click Here For further details

Those who wish to make a career change or have no previous experience in Business Analysis, should consider the entry level “Certificate Programme in Business Analysis”, which in combination with FTI’s “Applied Programme in Business Analysis” will also lead to the AdBA and thereby, the NCBA. This course pairing provides the novice or aspirant Business Analyst with a route to access and tap into the rich and unique FTI skills transfer process at a pace and in a manner best suited to their experience and knowledge base. However, this learning pathway if successfully completed still imparts the skill sets necessary and the knowledge base required to enter the market as a proficient business analyst practitioner.

For more information on the AdBA (NCBA) or any other of our offerings please visit or call 0860 227 337

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