Journalists To Receive Vaccines Soon

person receiving vaccine injection

After months of breaking stories in the frontline, journalists will soon be next in line for the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) has confirmed that this vaccination will apply to journalists and media workers. 

S'bu Ngalwa from Sanef said the forum has been petitioning for journalists to be recognised as front line workers for some time. 

The forum was aware that this would allow journalists to qualify for vaccines when the time arrived. 

The Department of Health then agreed to the Forum's request, and stated that journalists would be vaccinated in the second phase of the rollout. 

However, delays with the vaccine rollout caused frustration for the Editors' forum, as this meant the date for media vaccinations was pushed back. 

The forum then sent a letter to the Department of Health, asking for more clarity about when vaccinations will start for media workers. 

Ngalwa said the department replied, saying journalists will be considered in the vaccine rollout over the next 2 weeks. 

All journalists and media workers have been urged to get on board and be ready for the vaccine rollout. 

"The sooner media houses submit those details [names of journalists and media workers], the sooner we can be vaccinated. They [the government] want a database, and then from there they will be able to communicate with those individuals"

"What would be required of us as journalists would be to produce a media card which is your press card and a letter from your editor. If you are a freelancer and you write for a particular newspaper, then the editor of that newspaper should not have a problem to put a letter on their letterhead and sign it to indicate that you do write for them. That should suffice as some kind of identification to make sure that those journalists are covered during this difficult period." said Ngalwa.



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