Labour committee and unions visit Sasol


Parliament's portfolio committee on labour, along with the
Department of Labour and trade unions visited the Natref refinery
in Sasolburg on Friday following the number of accidents that have
occurred there recently.

In a joint statement with Sasol, the committee said that Sasol
had regretted the "incidents" and had appointed safety consultancy
DuPont to analyse its safety culture and procedures and provide
recommendations for improvements.

The committee, which has the responsibility to legislate on
labour market policies, was briefed by the Labour Department on
inspection procedures and whether there was sufficient enforcement
and compliance by Sasol.

"They established that there is a trend of incidents, some
involving contracting companies, which is of concern to both the
department and Sasol," the statement read.

The committee expected the Labour Department, Sasol management
and trade unions to identify potentially high risk areas.
Sasol said it was pleased at the direct interest shown in its
operations by the ministry and parliamentary committee and that it
would be taking "full consideration of their useful inputs" into
its safety management plans.

Trade union Solidarity said: "The accidents over the past six
months remain a source of great concern. Nobody can argue that
there is no problem. Solidarity has succeeded in recent times to
bring the problem to the surface.

"We now want to work just as actively at finding a solution. We
have already begun talking to workers at ground level in order to
define the problem and come up with proposals. We plan to give the
information that we collect to DuPont, to form part of their
investigation", said Dirk Hermann, Solidarity spokesman.