Landmark day as QCTO is launched


Higher Education and Training Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, hailed the launch of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations as a landmark day that commemorated a decade of hard work on skills development in South Africa.

The QCTO has been established to support and improve quality assurance for learning in and for the workplace.

Nzimande highlighted the fact that higher education institutions, FET Colleges, Adult Education and Training (ABET) and the skills development sector were now included in a single Department of Higher Education and Training. This, "provides a powerful basis for addressing education and training in an integrated way,' declared Nzimande.

"Our department has the responsibility to develop the country?s education and training institutional capacity and resources into a coherent but diverse and differentiated post school learning system, serving adults and youth within the framework of the human resource development strategy for South Africa and relate with industrial policy'.

"Learning at and for work is necessary if workplaces are to become more productive, if workers are to rise to more decent jobs and if the unemployed and community members are to initiate and improve ventures in the informal economy. This dimension of learning is also vital for young graduates who, without workplace learning, are more likely to remain unemployed,' added Nzimande.

"The QCTO will bring the needs of industry closer to the education and training system to better meet the aspirations of youth and adults and to ensure that education, training and skills development initiatives respond adequately to our social and economic needs'.

"It will ensure qualifications are not only linked to labour market needs but are also linked to and build on qualifications from the other institutions. More learners from higher education and further education institutions need to proceed to the skills development system and the workplace seamlessly, with easy pathways across the different learning sites. We regard the QCTO as the glue in this system', said Nzimande.

The Minister then announced the members of the first QCTO Board.

Mr Wilson Nzimande from the Coastal KZN FET College, South African College Principal?s Organisation (SACPO), is the first Chairperson of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). The QCTO was launched by Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande

The acting Executive Officer of the QCTO will be Adrienne Bird, who is a former head of the skills development function at the Department of Labour.

Other members of the QCTO are:

Constituency: Executive Officer of South African Qualifications Authority
Organisation: South African Qualifications Authority
Name and surname: Mr Samuel BA Isaacs

Constituency: Executive Officer of NSA
Organisation: NSA
Name and surname: Mr Firoz Patel

Constituency: Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Higher Education on the Higher Education Quality Committee
Organisation: Council of Higher Education
Name and surname: Professor Rolf Stump

Constituency: Chief Executive Officer of Umalusi
Organisation: Umalusi
Name and surname: Dr Mafu S Rakometsi

Constituency: Two members nominated by National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) to represent organised labour
Organisation: Police and Prisons Civil rights Union (POPCRU) and National Union of Mine Workers (NUM)
Name and surname: Ms Bonny Marekwa and Mr Ecliff Tantsi

Constituency: Two members nominated by NEDLAC to represent business
Name and surname: Ms Stella Carthy and Mr Willie Matthiae

Constituency: Two members nominated by NEDLAC to represent organisations of community and development interests
Organisation: NCASA and FSCC
Name and surname: Mr Thulane Mabuza and Mr Francis Malesela Maleka

Constituency: One member nominated by the Minister of Higher Education and Training to represent the interests of public education and training providers
Organisation: Department of Higher Education and Training (FET)
Name and surname: Dr Bheki Mahlobo

Constituency: One member nominated by the private providers of education and training to represent the interests of private education and Training providers
Organisation: Association of Private Training Providers of Education Training and Development
Name and surname: Dr Marina le Grange

Constituency: Two additional members to represent the members of the state
Organisation: Department of Higher Education and Training and Department of Trade and Industry
Name and surname: Ms Elizabeth Thobejane and Dr Julius Nyalunga