Last chance to claim Inseta bursaries

Public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges have until 9 march 2018 to source student funding from the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA).

Public learning institutions have been invited to apply for bursaries through Inseta for academically deserving students who are financially disadvantaged.

According to their website “Inseta is looking to provide bursaries to South African unemployed learners in their second year and third year of study at South African universities.”

However the application must be made by the institution and not the student.

Bursary funding will only be awarded to students studying scarce or critical skills in the insurance sector. Click link to see the scarce skills list

Learner requirements

The learner must have an academic average of 60% or higher in the previous year and undergo a means test to determine their financial need. Students who were previously funded by Inseta and progressed in their studies will be given first preference.

Bursary coverage

Inseta bursary funding will be capped at R30 000 for degrees; R10 000 for diplomas and R6 000 for Tvet college certificate courses. The bursaries will cover tuition and books only.

How to Apply

Institutions can apply by submitting the Memorandum of Agreement. Click link to download the
MoA for universities and Tvet colleges

Institutions are also expected to submit the bursary application, course cost breakdown and proof of registration with the university.

For more information click here