Lead like a wizard


Well known and respected across South Africa and beyond as a powerful business
coach and consultant, Jonti Mayer has recently released his latest book, an inspiring
guide to strategic transformation in the personal and business spheres, a guide to
leading and living with power, authenticity and creativity.

Mayer?s Lead Like a Wizard brings together over 20 years of experience in
business, psychology and spiritual leadership in this simple, yet powerful guide that
goes beyond the normal cliches - but rather shares truly insightful and purposeful
tips for transformation.

Lead Like a Wizard presents ten practices that will assist readers to strategically
transform their lives and businesses from the inside out.

Some quotes from Lead Like a Wizard:

When inspiration and enthusiasm come together, excitement is generated.
Excitement is powerful. Excitement energises individuals, teams and business.
Excitement enables people to do things they never thought possible. Imagine making
excitement a priority. Imagine being excited to wake up in the morning and plunge
exuberantly into your work. Imagine making excitement the guiding principle in your

Based on the fundamental understanding that nothing is accomplished without
the power to transform and manifest - Jonti Mayer?s approach is not just about
personal fulfillment - but rather on strategic transformation that ensures the best
possible future for ourselves, our communities and for our country.

To move forward you have to fail. You are going to have to make mistakes. You
can't get it right the first time. Nobody ever has. Fail deliberately to move forward.
Get it wrong, to get it right. There is no other way.

We live in a world where confusion, chaos and complexity have become the order
of the day. Confusion is a result of not being present to what is. WHen you are truly
present, confusion dissipates. The more present you are, the more you are able to
simplify your life. When you slow down, you can see more and you can hear more.
The quieter you get, the more you can hear. You will then know exactly what to do

With the personal and professional becoming almost one and the same, being
able to live and lead with authenticity, creativity and power is more important than
ever. It is therefore critical to bridge the gap between personal growth and business
leadership and success.

Filled with potent insight and guidance, Lead Like A Wizard is for individuals who
are on the quest for significance and accomplishment.