Learn 3 things to gain cognitive flexibility

The Mental Health Blog called Mental Health Daily says that Cognitive Flexibility refers to the brain’s ability to transition from thinking about one concept to another. Other terms associated with this are “mental flexibility or “task switching”. This skill is one of the Top 10 uniquely human skills that the World Economic Forum identified in their study ‘The Future of Jobs’, needed for 2020.

Part of the study basically suggests that you should continuously improve your thinking skills and keep your mind in top shape to think innovatively for the workplace in 2020. Besides maintaining a good mental health through the correct diet and exercise, you can increase your Cognitive Flexibility by:

1. PLAYING GAMES – play brainy games. The mind loves this. These ‘word search’ type of games or “how many times does the letter ‘s’ appear in this sentence?” type of games on Facebook, really helps. Chess or brain exercises and puzzles do the world of good. Play games that make you think or strategize. Challenge your brain.

2. READ MORE AND MORE – Not only will reading improve your spelling and vocabulary, but will help your brain store general knowledge. Reading exposes you to different worlds, ways of thinking and also helps you connect with various characters so as to see different situations through someone else’s eyes.

3. STRATEGIZING TEAM SESSIONS – Create your own networking sessions or do some collaborative team strategy sessions. Motivate yourself to learn to be open-minded and to listen to other team members’ solutions or ideas. Think them through and brainstorm together to mold the idea into something creative and beneficial to all.

The future is already dictated by people who think innovatively. Be the future you want to see. Start thinking out of the box and train your brain to keep up with change. Robots can’t think for themselves. Humans have that advantage. Keep your mind active and hungry for continuous knowledge. The more you learn, the more you develop your cognitive flexibility.

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