Learn how to choose the right workplace training


Have you ever placed your hopes on a training intervention that did not deliver? This is a common occurrence amongst managers who fail to conduct a proper needs analysis before choosing a training programme. Now you can learn how to identify the right workplace training.

Learn how to choose the right workplace training

Workplace training is an excellent way to up skill, empower and motivate staff, which in turn leads to higher productivity, bigger profits and a workforce that performs. At least in theory this is the aim of workplace skills development, but in reality it’s not always the outcome. Here are some ways to ensure that every training session yields results.

Workplace training is only as effective as the relevance that it has to the actual skills gaps of the workforce and the individual performance areas of a team.

The cost of implementing the correct workplace training is enormous. Get it wrong and you could end up spending loads of money, wasting time and manpower and in some extreme cases you could even worsen a critical situation.

How do you avoid this scenario? By conducting a training needs analysis before embarking on a course of action.

Alusani® Course Leader, highlights some questions that that will assist during the training analysis process:

Are line managers actively involved in identifying training needs?
Does your department deliver strategic training?
Are the outcomes of training aligned to departmental goals?
Do you involve all internal & external stakeholders?
Do you make use of a variety of sources, i.e. questionnaires, interviews, etc.?

During the course issues such as identifying training objectives, conducting workplace assessments, measuring employee performance and measuring the evaluation phase to determine return on investment.

The Training Needs Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation course is hosted by Alusani Skills and Training Network. For more information call 011 447 7470, email faith@alusani.co.za or visit the website Alusani Skills and Training Network

By Cindy Payle

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