Learnership opportunities at Academy Training Group

Incorporating learnership programmes has become increasingly more important as learnerships help an organisation to comply with their BEE scorecard. Businesses are required to spend 6% of their gross salaries and wages in order to measure the Skills Development component of the scorecard.

The basic concept of a Learnership is a contract between a learner, employer and a training provider for a certain period which leads to the acquiring of a National Qualifications and/or credits towards National Qualifications.

The training programme for a Learnership combines theory at a college or training centre with the relevant practice on-the-job at the company offering the Learnership.
The added benefits of running a Learnership programme are:

Learnerships increase relevant skill base and talent pool in an organisation
Skilled people make better workers which leads to increases in productivity in an organisation.
Obtain R60 000 rebate on each learnership
Obtain R120 000 rebate on learnerships for the disabled
SETA grant allocation towards Skills Development
B-BBEE points contribution as per Skills Development priority element 18.1 (employed) and 18.2 (unemployed) learnerships
They are more likely to do the correct thing the first time
Skilled people tend to be more independent workers
They are more motivated because they know what they are doing is important and are working towards a qualification.
Learners are being paid whilst studying and learning new skills aswell been given the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice back in the workplace.

ATG with over 18 years of Education and Training experience have identified the importance of ensuring quality training and have the following Learnership offerings available:

Certified Junior Bookkeeper – National Certificate:  Bookkeeping NQF 3 SAQA ID: 58375
Certified Senior Bookkeeper – Further Education and Training Certificate:  Bookkeeping NQF 4 SAQA ID: 58376
Certified Public Accounts Administrator – National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting NQF 4 SAQA ID: 20352
Certified Junior Office Administrator – Certificate: Office Administrator NQF 5 SAQA ID:  23618
National Certificate:  Information Technology:  End User Computing NQF 3 SAQA ID: 49077
National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices NQF 5 SAQA ID: 50334
Services SETA:
Business Administration Services NQF 4 SAQA ID: 61595

ATG will guide you through the process of developing of a Learnership Programme for your organisation and our highly trained facilitators will be able to assist in providing the necessary skills to the Learners enrolled on your organisation’s Learnership programme.

This is the starting point for organisations who are interested in developing of a Learnership programme and partnering with an experienced training provider – contact ATG now and start to reap the benefits of a Learnership programme for your organisation.

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