Learnerships aid people with disabilities


Galant comments, “It is important to ensure that the candidates who are selected for specific positions, match the criteria set by the client. What makes this more challenging is that we must be careful not to discriminate. The government has made provision for people with disabilities in the Bill of Rights as well as the Employment Equity Act. Both the Client and ourselves have to follow these policy guidelines when recruiting staff with disabilities.

There are opportunities for persons with disabilities to take up either government sponsored learnerships through various SETAs, or internal learnerships underwritten by the individual company. By completing a learnership and acquiring certain skills, the person may enhance the likelihood of their employment.

Galant adds,” We work closely with our clients to provide the link between the learner, the lead company and ourselves. We see this as a triangular relationship where all three parties are equally dependent upon each other for the success of the programme.”

Some of the specific requirements in the recruitment process of disabled people are: a medical certificate outlining the person’s specific disability; adequate facilities made available to provide support in the workplace including an accessible bathroom and workstation environment; the frequency and time allocation for the taking of medication and/or schedule of doctors’ visits depending on disability, may also need to be factored into the work schedule; working hours may need to be flexible to allow for commuting to/from work. This can be a huge challenge with unreliable public and private transport, especially for persons who are wheelchair -bound.

Galant concludes, “Our company is results orientated. As project managers we keep in regular contact with the learners on-site together with our training facilitators throughout the course to ensure that they are motivated. Our expertise includes finding positions in the areas of customer service and administration. Keeping our clients and the learners satisfied is a top priority.”
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