Let’s get women’s issues out in the open

August 2016 Susan Hickey, a counsellor who has had a long career focused primarily on couple’s counselling and support for abused women will put another thought-provoking topic on the table at the SACAP Psychology Talk in Johannesburg. Co-author of the recently published book, The Affair – Recovery from Illicit Sex, Lies and Betrayal, Susan highlights how today’s highly sexualised society is changing sexual values and behaviours and challenging monogamous relationships head-on.

It has become commonplace for people to have sex with others who are almost complete strangers to them. Sex is no longer regarded as ‘making love’; it’s no longer ‘I love you’ in motion. Sex has become for many, recreation by consenting adults who no longer expect or even want a phone call the next day. Despite this, marriage remains a sexually monogamous relationship, and many life partner relationships are also formed on the same premise.

How do we reconcile modern day attitudes to sex with the still-lingering expectations of commitment, especially when it comes to marriage? Does an affair mean you no longer love your partner? Does it speak to your personal inadequacies? Does being cheated on signal the end of your marriage or are you making much ado about nothing?

In her presentation of The Affair, Susan profiles types of cheaters and types of affairs, and provides advice on how someone who has been cheated can avoid the minefield that was once a marriage. She will remind us that commitment still has meaning, but trust is possible even after an affair at the SACAP Psychology Talk in Johannesburg on 30 of August, at SACAP Rosebank campus, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Psychology Talks are hosted by SACAP as part of their continued efforts to train an inspired workforce of counsellors to service those people who fall by the wayside of accessible mental health services.

Entrance for both talks is for free, but booking is essential. Please visit SACAP for further information and to book.

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