The life of a Manager versus Leader

The term “Manager” holds a different description in every organisation. For some, it is the bare minimum of managing resources and expenditures. For others, being a Manager means taking on the role of simply being the “boss.”

The role of a Manager at Omni HR Consulting means you lead, coach and manage. As managers we ensure our teams meet their daily deliverables, and as leaders the intention is to create followers.

We have engaged Sharon Benting, The Executive Resource Manager of Omni HR Consulting to walk us through her journey as a Manager versus Leader.

Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling are the most important functions in my role as a Manager at OMNI. As a team we aim to meet all organisational goals and objectives guided by the various organisational policies and procedures. I am ultimately accountable within our space and therefore courageous conversations would take place with my team (where necessary) to ensure we meet future deliverables.

Some of the managerial duties at Omni include;

  • Execute the daily plan to ensure my team is meeting organisational goals and visions.
  • Flexibility across projects to ensure delegation of resources are appropriate.
  • Be visible and show interest.
  • Have regular check-ins to measure progress.
  • Reward, encourage, recognise in the moment.
  • Provide constructive feedback.
  • Provide continuous upskilling.
  • Include my team in decision making.
  • I strongly believe good leadership is what drives successful organisations. Too much time is spent on managing daily tasks whereas most of our time should be focussed on inspiring and influencing others to achieve. As a leader I believe in building relationships of trust with each of my team members, to paint the bigger picture, to guide them through the process and build team morale.

    Tips worth sharing;

    • Spend time getting to know your team, celebrate their victories and show empathy for their concerns.
    • Schedule your one-on-ones and team meetings off-site. This will motivate your staff members to relax on common ground and the conversation will flow easily.
    • Take an interest in both their personal and work lives, take the time and listen.
    • Display behaviour that Influences and Inspires others.
    • Be self-aware, it encourages social awareness.

    So, love what you do, it is contagious. Communicate with energy and passion, encourage others to have faith in their abilities so that they may build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Invest in your people through Value-Based Leadership. As an OMNI Manager I believe that my personal values should be aligned to the Principles of our Organisation. As leaders we need to embrace our values and beliefs, this will encourage our sub-ordinates to do the same. Make our Principles come to life… or it’s just a quote hanging on the wall.

    My greatest believe is that “Great leaders invest in their people… the most important part of the Organisation”. Treat your people well and they will do anything for you “.

    Sharon Benting , Executive Resource Manager