Lockdown Rules Relaxed Slightly

President Cyril Ramaphosa

The news from President Cyril Ramaphosa was that the third wave of Covid-19 was not over, but that it was significantly easing. This easing has allowed the government to room to relax the lockdown regulations he said.  He announced that the national lockdown level would reduce to level 2 and there would be some relaxation of the general lockdown rules.

  • The national curfew is now from 11am until 4am
  • Establishments like restaurants, bars and gyms will need to close by 10pm
  • Public gatherings are limited to a maximum of 250 people indoors and 500 people outdoors
  • Alcohol sales for off-site consumption which were previously only allowed for 4 days per week will now be allowed from 10am until 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Funerals must have a maximum of 50 people
  • Post-funeral gatherings are still not allowed

The country is now on adjusted level 2 as of Monday, 13 September. The new measures will be assessed in two weeks time.

    South Africa's Vaccine Progress

    The President went on to say that there is now proof that the vaccine works as more than 80% of people in hospitals due to Covid are unvaccinated as well as a large number of deaths being of those who were unvaccinated.

    Very few people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are becoming severely ill with the disease and very few are ending up in intensive care units or needing ventilation. Most importantly, people are vaccinated against Covid-19 are less likely to die of the disease

    Ramaphosa then said that the country is set to ramp up it's vaccine rollout programmes.

    14.6 million vaccines have been administered so far with nearly a million doses administered every 4 to 5 days. There are enough vaccines in the country to vaccinate the entire adult population, said President Ramaphosa.

    Vaccine Passports

    An interesting point the President brought up was that of vaccine passports which he said, "can be used as evidence of vaccination for various purposes and events".

    The Department of Health seems to now be taking notes from other countries about how this can be done.

    This comes after speculation arose that only vaccinated individuals will be allowed to attend sports games and concerts in the near future.




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