Longing for a career change?



It's not uncommon to feel remorseful after a while in the same job or industry. After three or more years of working in a particular field, you might be uncertain as to whether you chose the right path, perhaps feeling that you wasted a great deal of time studying a field you do not want to pursue.

After all, most people decide the subject that they wish to study right after graduating high school. Can you really decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at the tender age of eighteen, having no experience in the working world? Have you been in a career for many years, cursing your eighteen-year-old self for choosing English instead of Communications?

If you are in this position, there is no need to worry. There has been a revolution in education in recent years, where short courses in career-specific fields have become greatly accessible, and affordable. You no longer have to quit your current job and return to university if you wish to gain the education that will allow you to make a career switch.

If, for instance, you are interested in a more creative field, like Advertising, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management or Graphic Design, you face a paradox. These professions require many years of tertiary study, and you may feel that the time for you to enter them is passed. This need not be true. Taking a part-time short course in these subjects is a great way to get to grips with the practical, skills-orientated side of the subject matter.

Short courses are, by definition, short, and do not delve into the reams of theory and largely impractical information that degree-length courses do. This is ideal, as these courses allow you to get a feel for what working in such an industry may be like. In the best-case scenario, you could end up loving the subject, gaining a great deal of useful information on it, and perhaps deciding to pursue further education. Worst case? You save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by avoiding the decision to enter a degree-length course.

There has never been a better time to be curious about your career. If you're stuck in an office administration career, but feel you would make an amazing copywriter, you can test the waters and see if that?s true.

Over just a few weeks of part-time study, having your submissions assessed and critiqued, you will know if your gut-feel was right, or horribly wrong. This may save you the hassle of quitting your career and re-entering university to follow your dream, only to realise it wasn?t copywriting you wanted to do, but creative writing. An online short course will give you this information without any of the upheaval and strife.

In some fields, a foundational knowledge may be enough to allow you to enter a career. In a subject like digital photography, showing that you have taken a course and reflecting this growth through your portfolio may be enough to land you an
internship or entry-level position. In any field where skill is valued over theory, a short course might be all you need to polish your skills and demonstrate to potential employers that you are a fast learner, and that you are invested in developing your skills.

Don't resign yourself to your current career. If you are curious, it means there is still a chance for you to change your life around; and with the current educational landscape, this is easier than ever.

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