Maccauvlei readjusts service offering


Due to the fact that our economy is contracting (as, inter alia, indicative by the most recent unemployment numbers) we at Maccauvlei Learning Academy came to the realisation that most businesses are feeling the ‘pinch’ in this environment.

We therefore put our heads together to see how we can assist our customers during this challenging time.

We made the decision to significantly adjust our prices downwards on all our programmes as from 1 August 2019. These reductions will apply to our In-House and Public programmes.

We can assure all our customers that we will NOT compromise on our well known quality nor will we take any short cuts in delivering our exceptional service since 1957.

It is our hope that this gesture will assist you/your company in ‘softening’ it’s spend on learning and development.

Please make enquiries at: [email protected] or 011 439 3900 or 011 439 3913.