Making media managers


What is BBA? The Bachelor of Business Administration in Media Operations Management is a degree that focuses on building future managers and leaders within different fields in the media industry. It deals with managing talent and skills within the media industry.

The BBA qualification was designed to prepare the student to be able to do anything within the industry. Graduates can also go on to start their own business - we teach them how to work within the environment and how to work with stakeholders in our society. We prepare them by teaching different subjects such as business management, financial management, economics, company law, media law, media, industrial psychology, and media and globalisation - to mention a few”, says Natalie Wood, Social Media Manager at Boston Media House.

“As a BBA student, I have learnt how to work in a team and rely on others to help get work done. I have also learnt how to further research and critically analyse things”, says Nhlakanipho Makhanya.

What are Media Practices?

This qualification is based more on the practical skills within the different fields of the media industry, it is for students who want to work outside of a regular “office”. “The qualification was originally designed for those who weren’t suited to traditional university studies, but had the passion for the media industry and actually wanted to study and learn more about it,” says Wood.

Boston Media House is however, the only institute in South Africa that gives a hands on approach to many of the media specialisations that are within the industry. With the media practices qualification skills are integrated and linked, you will be able to tackle more than one aspect of the industry. “In your 1st year you are given the opportunity to learn about most of the fields within the industry such as radio, television, advertising, journalism, public relations, marketing or photography. The dreams of every student! In your second year, you get to choose three subjects that you would like to study more intensely and open work opportunities. In third year you choose your specialisation, the subject that you are passionate about – you can also do a double major as for some students the choice is too difficult!” says Wood.