Making media managers


Entry requirements:

a national senior certificate NQF5, passing with a C average in your matric final year.
to study media practices you need a national senior certificate NQF5, passing with a C or D average in your matric final year.


It takes four years to complete the BBA, after that duration you will receive your degree which is a NQF level 8 (Honours equivalent). This can be followed by a Masters degree.
The Media practices diploma, NQF 6 level, is a 3 year diploma.

Keep in mind that every field in the media industry interlinks -you cannot do one without the other. Focus and dedication are very important elements for someone who wants to be in the media industry whether it is the management side or the practical side of things. With both of the qualifications, Boston Media House employ lecturers that are experienced in the field, highly qualified and also have been in industry for quite a while, so that the lecturers prepare you for what to expect in the industry.

Job opportunities:

Social Media Manager
Account Management
Brand Management
Media Planning
Media Practices:
Radio Presenting/ Content Producer
Television Production
Public Relation Practitioner

What it takes to succeed in the industries:

Creativity -think out of the box and come up with ideas that are out of the box
Dedicated -the first impression is the most important impression
Respecting time is important - media means deadlines all thetime, and you cannot delay production for your team
Work with teams

Wood ends with some advice for would be Media graduates, “You need to be reading, listening and watching media in all its formats, not just the entertainment side but in every aspect. You must have the thirst for the knowledge and what’s going on in the world, if you want to be a successful media practitioner”.