Managed services ? the competitive edge of ICT


The impact of trends like consumerisation, ubiquitous infrastructure and unified communications means that not only has the business landscape become generally more competitive, but more companies can now enjoy more access to previously unattainable ICT resources.

Integration and application of strategic solutions to boost all levels of operation within a business is no longer the exclusive domain of the high end - now is the time for the rise of small-to-medium business.

This levelling of the playing field is considered a major advantage and means that critical services designed to optimise core management of infrastructure is now readily available - and at a price that will not break the budget. Businesses across various sectors and fields are aware of the need to acquire support and position their infrastructure strategically.

Managed ICT services has increased in significance because clients are seeking out more channels to lower the cost of ownership of infrastructure, maintain the highest levels of operation and optimise the network environment.

It is an environment that is influenced extensively by the rising influence of social media and the plethora of options available. The traditional delivery model in terms of managed services was traditionally dominated by outsourcing or in-sourcing.

A combination of innovation and maturity of systems has allowed businesses to explore the route of co-sourcing, which alleviates the issue of control. Many businesses in the past have shied away from bringing in service providers because of concern over general security of systems, control and access to infrastructure.

The maturity of this space is highlighted by the fact that customers can do so much more with less - a prerequisite for strategic operations in commerce.

Partners not only provide strategic insight to product and the latest solutions, but should be positioned to advise businesses on the impact of these latest trends.

Mobility and social media are undeniably major game changers. The more disruptive technology enters the market, the more options become available to decision makers.

This central principle is applicable to any sized operation, of any focus - technology and networks are the lifeblood of the organisation and managed ICT services are the channels that keep the networks moving.