Management academy offers bursaries for 3 students


The new Gaming and Hospitality Management Academy in Cape Town is putting its money where its mouth is by offering a bursary for their one-year course to 3 students from the Western Cape.

The outspoken Chief Executive of the Academy, Rahman Murtuza says, "Over the last few months I have made public my concerns surrounding the hospitality industry and management as a whole, specifically with regard to the under-privileged. I firmly believe that lack of funds should not equate to lack of education or indeed a lack of a financially stable future".

Whilst the offering of bursaries is not unusual in state education facilities, the private sector has often been reticent to follow suit.Education as a business has boomed in South Africa and to many who run and own these institutions is seen primarily as a moneymaker. Whereas the education of students should be the driving force behind these ventures, it is often taking second place to greed.

"Of course as a business one needs to make money, but my overriding desire to help educate others for the betterment of society and South Africa far out weighs the financial benefits. It is for this reason that we are offering these three bursaries", says Murtuza.

Launched by MEC Lynne Brown earlier in the year, enrolments are now well underway for the beginning of 2008. In order to accommodate requests for a shorter more intense course, GHMA have developed a new 3-month Management Development Programme, which covers the key areas of management with a recognised qualification and the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become effective and competent managers.

"Companies who have in their employ individuals with management potential as well as post-matric students will all be considered for the bursaries by a panel made up of Academy staff as well as independent adjudicators", ends Murtuza.

The criteria for the bursaries are available on the GHMA website, and queries and applications should be sent to [email protected].