Mandatory Vaccines For Work Could Be Challenged In Court

Making vaccines mandatory

Making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory is fast becoming a hotly debated topic. While choosing to get vaccinated remains a personal choice, mechanisms are being introduced to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The idea that you will need to produce proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter certain spaces can be viewed as one such mechanism.

The Right2Know has expressed their disapproval after reports suggest that some companies are forcing their employees to get vaccinated. Right2Know’s Dale McKinley says that discussions around making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory are premature.

He says that this conversation should only be had once the majority of the country has access to the Covid-19 vaccine. He believes that the conversation is more appropriate in countries where around 85% of the population is vaccinated.

On Sunday, President Ramaphosa said, “Government has secured sufficient vaccines to vaccinate the entire adult population, and the supply of vaccines is no longer a constraint”. He also announced that South Africa is administering over a million doses every 4 to 5 days.

Mckinley believes legal cases will follow in response to companies stipulating that workers may to not come to their place of work if they are not vaccinated. He said, “They [companies] are saying look if you come in and you're not vaccinated you're exposing the rest of our workforce to Covid and so we have a duty to the rest of our workforce the majority possibly who are vaccinated”.

“Is the debate that it's purely an individual rights issue or is this the case where public health and collective rights trump the individual rights and that's a fundamentally constitutionally important question that we mustn't run away from” added, Mckinley.

Some South African retailers are offering up to a 15% discount on purchases to vaccinated customers. In parts of Europe, spectators are being allowed back into stadiums if they are have received a Covid-19 jab.

McKinley says that he doesn’t think offering people incentives for getting vaccinated is a bad thing. He says that if we participate in things we did before the pandemic, we must listen to the scientifically backed massage to go and get vaccinated.



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