Matric Exam Marking Takes Place Soon


Matric exam

The Matric Class of 2020 had to tackle their way through COVID-19, adjust to the new way of learning during the lockdown and made it through the leak of the exams, without a rewrite. Which is why they deserve for the marking of their exams to run smoothly.

On the 5th of November, the combined examinations took place, including full-time and part-time learners, with over one million learners taking part.

Grade 12 students concluded their exams on the 15th of December 2020.

It has been announced that the marking of the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations will begin on the 4th of January 2021.

On Thursday  Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced that "on 12 February 2021, the DBE will present an irregularities report to UmaIusi, and thereafter wait for the quality assurance agency to make an announcement on the integrity, credibility and fairness of the 2020 NSC examinations."

According to Motshekga, the NSC exam results will be released on the 22nd of February 2021 and the students should receive their results on the 23rd February 2021.

During the briefing, the Minister detailed the plans for the marking of the NSC exams.

The magnitude of the NSC exams had never been seen before, therefore the department decided to increase the capacity of the system to accommodate the high numbers.

Even though the leak of the Mathematics Paper 2 and Physical Sciences Paper 2 took place, the Basic Education Department still thought that the examination period went well.

Although the decision of the rewrite was overturned, the Minister still believes that the ruling "did not deal with the credibility, integrity and fairness of the 2020 NSC examination resulting from the leaks".

“We must say that some of the findings of the High Court are discordant with the applicable basic education legislative provisions, and some findings were made against the department on issues that were not even raised in the court papers. The legal team is exploring avenues that are to be used to address some of the errors we have picked up in the judgment,” said Motshekga.

The department plans to challenge aspects of the judgment in court.

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