Matrics: don't waste your December holidays

It might be tempting to laze about this coming festive season but spending your time productively over Christmas could you set you up for life.

The December holidays are fast approaching and if you are in Matric you are probably picturing late mornings, binge watching and parties, but there are alternative ways to spend your time.

Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director of the Independent Institute of Education provides some useful suggestions:

Apply for your ID

Do you have your Identity Document? This form of identification will be needed to perform many other legal procedures in future. You can apply for it at your nearest Department of Home Affairs. You will need ID photo's, a certified copy of your birth certificate and the required fee. Click link for more information about the application process.

Get your driver's licence

Having a driver's licence has immediate social benefits while also opening up work opportunities later on. This is the perfect time to take lessons or book your learner's or drivers appointments depending where you are in the process. Later your schedule may not allow you to obtain your licence.

Do a spring clean

This is a good time to sort through your schools books and old uniforms and give away or sell any items you don't need. It's also a great time to de-clutter your space as you prepare for the new year and what's to come.

Get work experience

You can do this by offering to volunteer at your old school or any organisation that has volunteer positions. Bonus points if you can find opportunities to work in the field that you are planning to study. Or look for a paying job in order to learn independence and responsibility before you go off to college.

Enrich your life

Learn to play an instrument, read a book, take an online course or start an exercise regime. Do things you enjoy that you will add value to your life as opposed to things you will later regret. Or do things for others. This has a way of bringing something positive to your life.

Spend quality time with loved ones

It goes without saying that the end of year period is about spending time with family and friends. Once the new year begins you may not have the opportunity to see your loves ones as often as you wish. So instead of making memories with the television set, plan fun activities or down time with the people you care about.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing