Maximising higher education: the complete solution for students

“With over 27 years’ experience in Post School Education, Boston City Campus & Business College knows what it takes to raise the bar for students and vastly improve success rates”. So says Kerry Damons, marketing manager at the campus. “While in school the student may have been lucky enough to have teachers and supervisors that are involved on a daily basis in their academic activities, this is not the case when learners pass matric and move on to higher education. Many ‘university students are not supported adequately to ensure that they are able to cope with the rigorous demands expected in the higher education environment”, says Damons. “

Boston City Campus & Business College prides itself as being at the forefront of developing new technology and innovation to monitor and support individual student academic progress, and give ‘real and real time personalised attention’“ says Damons. “We believe that the implementation of our cutting edge technology sets us apart as we do everything possible to ensure our student’s success, to this end we have developed and make use of a specially designed pro-active monitoring and mentoring educational system, designed to support learning.”

Damons goes on to describe how the system, known as MaaS (Mentoring as a Service) has increased not only student success rates but also the ability to monitor students individually and to effectively assist them. “Keeping students in the system, keeping them active and engaged, and helping them to persevere is our ultimate goal. Getting qualified graduates into their industries is the mark of Boston’s success” Damons continues. So how does Boston achieve this?

The Boston Higher Education Department has devised an intricate system that operates in conjunction with the Maas AI (artificial intelligence system). What does this mean for a student? It means that you have access to assistance with your coursework. You can get your queries answered by your assigned Lecturer, either in person, via email, telephonically or via skype. You only progress in your coursework as you master the work that has been done. Students can get topics explained and re-explained until you are satisfied. “The Maas system does only rely on students to approach their Lecturers when they need them”, says Damons. “It is a proactive system, which means that we actively monitor every student ”.

Lecturers will get an alert if an assignment has not been opened or completed prior to a scheduled due date. Additional mechanisms have been built in to the system, including sms and e-mail alerts that are followed up telephonically. This system is very distinctive in its ability to predict student performance and in its ability to proactively intervene to optimise a student’s success.

“Using a system that is consistently monitoring students on an individual basis means that a student is getting individual attention at all times!” says Damons. “Not only does it keep students engaged, it keeps Lecturers continually informed. It’s a win-win for the whole campus”. Damons explains that using the MaaS system enables the campus to build a culture of positive evidence. “Essentially we will have a reliable data file on each student”, she says. “We are then able to counsel the student appropriately as to how to continue with their studies, as well as to motivate them”.

The system uses a built in communication and instant messaging tools to create a supportive mentoring environment. In this current economic and educational environment, students and parents paying fees need to know that they will receive assistance, individual attention and support in their academic endeavours to ensure their success. “Boston values each and every student and therefore invested in MaaS to show their investment in their students!” concludes Damons.

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