MI Learning employees are learners themselves

MI Learning & Development Consultancy employees are not only custodians and promoters of learning, they are in fact learners themselves. As diverse as the group is across disciplines, gender and age, they are also committed in ‘walking their talk’. They believe that to be extraordinary is more than providing good service, it’s also about aligning yourself with learners’ experiences in an authentic way.

If one is promoting life-long learning, then one has to be entrenched in life-long learning in a very personal way. It’s not about being at the forefront of the experience, it’s about being on the periphery, looking within as well as without, with your learners taking centre-stage. It’s about sharing the experience of learning.

For the MI Learning staff, this comes naturally. They empathise and sympathise with the challenges of learning, as they experience those same challenges. The creator of MI Learning, Mooneera Isaacs is currently at the University of Cape Town studying her Masters in Education, specialising in Adult Education.

Bradley Hermans, the on-site ETDP Specialist is currently obtaining his Honors in Education, also specialising in Adult Education from the University of Cape Town. Then there is Kaylan Jackson, the Office Administrator, currently studying her Business Practices and Principles National Certificate at Varsity College. Kaylan’s internship turned into full-time employment recently.

According to Bradley, ‘when your learners identify with you personally, the brand becomes part of that identity as well. This is very unique, because then the practice transcends the boundaries of institutional formalities and becomes a home away from home, where one learns’!

Aptly put by Mooneera, MI Learning is a family. MI Learning welcomes you to the family.

By Bradley Hermans