Mid-year matric results are out


The results for the 2019 June matric exams written by both National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) candidates are out.

“The results of the candidates will be available at the 6 598 centres where the candidates wrote the examinations and the results will be available from Friday, 2 August 2019,” said the Basic Education Department on Thursday.

The 2019 June examination was the first Grade 12 reconfigured examination written by both NSC and SC candidates.

The reconfiguration of the June examination system saw the supplementary examination, which used to be written in February/March each year by NSC candidates, merged with the June Senior Certificate examination.

The Senior Certificate examination caters for adult candidates who want to have a second chance at obtaining a matric certificate.

The reconfigured examination was written by a diverse group of candidates, which is indicative of the intention to include as many of the adult candidates who needed a second chance at obtaining a matric qualification.

The learners who sat for exams included:

· Adult learners with incomplete Senior Certificate requirements, as well as adult learners with no previous Senior Credits, provided they had completed Grade 9, standard seven or ABET Level 4.

· Repeating and part-time candidates enrolled for the 2018 NSC examination, who either failed the examination or passed but wanted to improve their results.

· Progressed learners who opted for the multiple examinations opportunity (MEO) option and therefore needed to complete the outstanding subjects.

· Candidates who were absent from the November 2018 examination, with a valid reason.

The examination was monitored by provincial officials and nationally appointed monitors.

The department is proud to announce that there were no serious irregularities that could have compromised the examination as a whole.

The key learner achievements emanating from the writing of the 2019 June examination are presented separately for SC and NSC candidates.