Milpark drives careers in banking and investment


In response to a drive in the banking environment to employ individuals with
relevant and higher qualifications, Milpark?s School of Investment and Banking
has expanded and reviewed their offering.

A range of qualifications from NQF level 5 through to NQF level 8 is now
available and provides options for school-leavers as well as those already
employed at different levels in the sector.

Milpark qualifications now range from a NQF 5 Higher Certificate in Banking
Services, to the NQF 6 Advanced Certificate in Banking Services and the
Diploma/Higher Diploma in Banking, the NQF 7 BCom majoring in Banking, Credit
or Investment Management, and the NQF 8 PGD in Banking.

"The South African banking and investment sectors offer dynamic career
opportunities -both are viewed as world class, with a high level of qualified
professionals, adequate capital, technology, infrastructure and strong regulatory
environments,' says Antje Hargarter, Dean of the School of Investment and
Banking of Milpark.

"The sector requires a wide range of skills - through our new qualifications
we are building expertise in areas like risk management and compliance, credit
management, relationship management, and financial analysis, to name a

Jobs in the investment and banking sectors are highly sought after and have
a strong professional image. They offer a variety of opportunities for growth and
stability in an exciting and challenging environment, plus competitive
remuneration packages, and even opportunities for international exposure.

"Milpark is the higher education specialist for formal education in banking and is
also gaining recognition in the investment arena. We are offering qualifications
that are relevant and that companies in the sector need. We work closely with
both the big and the smaller banks in South Africa, and we are also expanding
our corporate client base in the rest of Africa in response to the skills demands
of these markets,' says Hargarter.

The Dean is passionate about the difference that Milpark has made to
banking education over the past 10 years. "We have touched the lives of more
than 20 000 banking students up until now. Our academics have theoretical
knowledge, practical experience and ties to the industry which allow for superior
student support and a sharing of experiences.'

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