Mind maps will assist students with IT challenges


The tried and tested study technique of mind mapping is being incorporated by Foster-Melliar into their training courses, making every possible effort to aid and support students on their path to success in the tough ITIL training sector.

Derrick Plank, a Foster-Melliar Trainer says: "IT service management and ITIL training is difficult and usually students struggle at the outset as the concept is foreign and takes somewhat of a different approach to handling IT service, often requiring a change in mindset.

The use of mind maps as a study aid is by no means a new concept, but it is however a technique that is greatly neglected and under-utilised in the training fraternity.

Essentially a mind map is the placing of a central thought or idea in the centre of a page with sub-topics or ideas branching from the central idea forming a radial web of thoughts or associations.

It is normally a colourful combination of images, words and colours that map out a logical thought pattern that aids in accomplishing superior information retention,' explains Derrick.

" use mind maps as a means of aiding myself in accurately presenting the information to learners. A colleague spotted them and made the suggestion of using it as a means of enhancing the Foster-Melliar training courses. The idea had universal appeal across the board.

Essentially these mind maps provide students with a logical and sequential visual representation of how to tackle and absorb the subject matter, making their studies easier to manage and organise,' says Derrick.

"We have refined the mind maps and created electronic versions for Foster-Melliar?s Service Management Delivery and Support courses. The mind maps are available to Foster-Melliar students as HTML files which open in any browser,' explains Derrick.

"The mind maps will be made available to course attendees or alternatively can be purchased by any interested candidates outside the training program,' says Derrick.

"We are in the process of developing and finalising mind maps for every training process offered by Foster-Melliar in order to aid participants in their studies,' explains Derrick.

"They are extremely easy to navigate and contains summary notes that are complete, in addition to allowing users the freedom of adding to the notes,' says Derrick.