Minister Nzimande Hands Over NSFAS Laptops

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande speaking at the launch

Higher Education Minister, Minister Dr Blade Nzimande launched the NSFAS Digital Learning Device programme today. 

During the launch held today at South Cape TVET college, the Minister handed over laptop devices to returning students. 

"I am indeed delighted to be joining you in this momentous and long-awaited event as we officially begin with the distribution of laptops to NSFAS funded students at both our colleges and universities" said Minister Nzimande.

In 2020, many students were forced to study remotely due to Covid-19. However, this soon became a problem, as not all students had devices and access to the internet.

NSFAS funded students called on NSFAS to provide learning devices for students as they no longer had access to campus resources. 

Minister Nzimande said handing over the laptops will now allow for young people, especially in rural areas, to have better access to learning materials. 

"We can no longer for example have a situation where young people in rural areas do not have access to technology to enable them to work and to study" said Minister Nzimande.

The Minister reflected on the journey that the department has faced in order to procure the laptops for students. 

He further apologised to students for the delays that NSFAS faced while trying to secure a suitable tender in 2020. 

"I would like to assure all students that the delays were not intended but it was very important to ensure that procurement processes were followed strictly

"I am excited that we are finally issuing these laptops to our students, as I believe they will help improve their chances of success" he added.



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