Minister unveils 10 000 artisan opportunities


To meet its quota for 2030 the Department of Higher Education and Training will need to produce twice as many artisans as it is currently pushing out. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for youth who have not yet found their calling.

"The National Development Plan requires that by 2030 at least 30 000 qualified artisans are produced per year. Currently the country produces on average 12 000 qualified artisans per year.' announced Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande.

Students who are interested in training as an engineer, motor mechanic, plumber or electrician can complete their studies through the National Artisan Development Support Centre (NADSC)

Matriculants can register by going to their website, contacting the NADSC Call Centre on
011 736 4400 or by emailing copies of their qualifications to [email protected].

"In order to become an artisan, Matriculants must have done Mathematics as a subject and obtained a pass mark of 50% or higher. For those Matriculants that do not have Mathematics but have passed and want to consider a career as an artisan, they can also register at NADSC for a bridging course that the Department is implementing in partnership with the Retail Auto sector, who are looking to take on 12 000 young people as apprentices.'

This bridging course includes Mathematics, Engineering Science, a technical subject like electronics, life orientation, computer skills and a short course on artisan development legislation.

"Another option is for those who may wish to study towards an apprenticeship choosing to become an Artisan in the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical career fields. The post-school education and training sector, particularly FET Colleges will avail 10 000 artisanal opportunities.'

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