Mobile devices reshape job market

Online career portal Job Mail is reporting a record number of users and the majority of them are now accessing the site from their mobile devices.

“The employment market is buoyant. Last year was the first time that mobile traffic overtook our web traffic and this year three in every four users are from mobile devices,” says Angelique Robbertse, Product and Marketing Manager for Job Mail.

The majority of recently matriculated and graduated job seekers accessing the site from their mobile devices are from the millennial generation. Born between 1980 and 2000, this generation is now entering the job market in vast numbers. Their requirement to instantly and effortlessly access information from anywhere and any device is driving online platforms to implement mobile first strategies, which means improvements and new services are available from mobile sites first.

By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce and, according to PWC, this generation’s unique characteristics call for a different approach to recruitment and its members’ knowledge of new technologies will define the culture of the 21st century workplace.

Locally, job seekers with qualifications are on the rise and the result is that the number of CVs uploaded to career portals, with an outline of professional qualifications included, has grown significantly. “The completion rate of CVs are now over eighty-percent, meaning applicants understand the value of completely filling in their online CV. We’re also seeing that more applicants are including a photo when they upload their CV thanks to these being available on their mobile devices,” she says.

The Job Mail platform is constantly evolving its solutions to make it easier for job seekers to apply for positions. “Our latest solution integrates with cloud storage service DropBox and enables applicants to upload their CV from their DropBox account to their Job Mail profile,” says Robbertse.

It’s not only the younger generation driving improvements to online career portals. Recruitment cutbacks are forcing organisations to reassess their talent acquisition drives.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in recruitment consultancies as well as private companies advertising on our site,” says Robbertse.

With economic growth projected to slow to 0.7% this year and a sharp rise in the inflation rate, companies are cost-cutting. Some organisations can no longer afford contracted recruitment agencies to find staff. HR professionals are turning to online career portals to advertise their vacancies and find suitable candidates to fill positions. Similarly, recruitment consultancies are realising the value of accessing an extensive database of qualified candidates seeking employment.

“We’re definitely noticing a shift in private companies handling their own recruitment. The ease with which they can advertise vacancies and find the right candidates play a major role in them using the service, and it’s free, making it that much more appealing,” she says.

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