Mobile Masterclass launched to help companies plan their mobile strategy


Mobile is radically disrupting business, causing the likes of Forrester and
Gartner to predict that "mobility'will be the single most important IT trend in
2014. As such, companies are under increasing pressure to develop mobile
strategies and start implementing mobile projects.

However many are struggling to architect their strategies given that
"mobile' is such a large field and most companies do not have the necessary
background to take full advantage of the South African market.

To assist companies gain a full understanding of the overall mobile
landscape, Coral Tech has developed a 2-day course, which provides a
comprehensive overview of all mobile technologies and capabilities, their
applicability to the South African market, and how to successfully roll out mobile
services across the business.

Delegates who attend the course will come away with an excellent overall
understanding of mobile technologies and services, and what is possible in
South Africa, allowing them to build knowledge-based mobile strategies for their
organisations and begin implementing successful projects.

According to Coral Tech?s CEO, Cliff Court, while many business people have
smartphones and tablets, over 70% of South African consumers still do not. So
while getting excited about the potential for mobile apps is understandable,
most companies should be embracing lower-tech mobile options such as USSD
and mobi-sites to engage a much broader market locally.

Court also notes, "While some companies are taking their lead from
overseas companies, it is important to understand that the South African mobile
market is substantially different, and any local strategies or plans need to
accommodate these differences. The Mobile Masterclass has been specifically
tailored to explain which channels and services are most appropriate for SA
mobile users'.

The course covers all mobile channels including SMS, MMS, USSD, push
notifications and voice messaging, as well as data-driven services such as mobile
internet sites and mobile apps. Further challenges typically faced by companies
are also covered, including regulation (ECT Act, CPA, POPI), device policies (BYOD
vs CORE, MAM vs MDM) and development strategies (Native apps vs Web apps).

Coral Tech?s 14 years of industry experience in all aspects of mobile
technology have enabled the company to create a complete overview of mobile
technologies and guidelines for South African companies. The Mobile Masterclass
packages this knowledge into an intensive 2-day course to provide companies
with a solid foundation from which to create new mobile strategies and
implementation plans.

The first Mobile Masterclass courses are available in Cape Town, Johannesburg
and Durban based on demand.

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