Mobile Solutions ? the ultimate game changer


Mobile technology is transforming business and personal interactions in ways never thought possible. It enables access to the internet anywhere and anytime, resulting in internet usage infiltrating people?s lives to a greater degree. No longer is it only being used for work related research and activities, but people are accessing the internet all the time, as an integral part of their daily activities and interactions.

"Mobile technology has the ability to take our everyday physical experiences and create a software equivalent, with more dimensions, enhancing our lives by creating multi-facetted interaction on any and all daily activities,' explains Advanced Cloud Technologies Managing Director, Patrick Evans.'

The social behaviour of people of all ages is changing as mobile solutions enable them to share experiences, buy things, access information, pursue their hobbies and close the spaces between themselves and others. Over 50% of TV viewers (reality shows and live sports) today do so with a mobile device in their hands to share the viewing experience with others via social media.

"Simply put, things will never be the same again. Thanks to mobility, the power has shifted to the consumer and away from the enterprise,' say Evans.

Within the business environment, mobile technology is driving business collaboration between businesses and the consumer world. Business to business collaboration is being enhanced as experts and specialists in various fields all across the world are able to collaborate on projects. Businesses under pressure to downsize can make use of mobile solutions to encourage business collaboration, gaining greater value from employees, at less cost to the company.

"Businesses need to be thinking about the enormous changes mobile technology is affecting on people?s behaviour and the commercialisation potential of these changes,' says Evans.

"There is potential in the commercialisation of people?s social interactions, as well as potential to build customer loyalty by customising interactions with consumers based on their individual habits and tastes. Mobile technology can connect brands directly with consumers in a bidirectional manner.

It can also be used to create communities of interest - groups of people who share things in common. Companies communicating with these mobile communities could grow their customer base, and build customer loyalty, on a scale unseen before,' stresses Evans.

"No longer do businesses require 2-5 year business turnaround strategies. A comprehensive mobile strategy can turn businesses around in a matter of weeks or months, not years. The potential of mobile technology is enormous, and the companies that realise this first will benefit the most from its adoption and implementation,' concludes Evans.

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