More Education Staff Vaccinated This Weekend

vaccine injection

The Department of Basic Education has been vaccinating educators and supporting staff since 23 June. On Sunday, the department released updated statistics detailing the progress it has made with the rollout. 

In a statement released on Sunday, the department said 30 000 teachers and support staff were vaccinated on Friday and Saturday in Limpopo. 

“The province has managed to administer the vaccine on 15 000 people in two successive days. At this rate Limpopo needs one more day to complete vaccinating everybody in the list,” the department said.

The department aims to vaccinate 582 000 people by 8 July 2021 in an attempt to start the next term with all staff vaccinated.

During the time of the rollout for staff, the Minister will be making visits to schools in different provinces to monitor the rollout. 

“The monitoring visits will start at the Seemahale Secondary School in Botshabelo and continue at Pontsheng Primary School, as well as Mpatleng Senior Secondary.

“The Minister will proceed to the Northern Cape on Tuesday. Minister Motshekga is scheduled to be in the Eastern Cape on Thursday this week,” the department said.

Minister Angie Motshekga is expected to speak on Monday at 11 am to address how schools will function during the third wave. 

In his address on Sunday evening, the President announced that all private and public schools will early for the winter break. 

This means the closure of schools will be starting from Wednesday 30 June. 

The Minister is also expected to provide more details about what this will mean for the rest of the school calendar year. 



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