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After a year of a serious lack of good news, we finally have something that can make us smile! President Ramaphosa in his address announced the creation of new jobs through global business opportunities. And the numbers look good!

The Daily Bagel announced in its headlines of 13 April 2021 that Jobs are on the rise! According to this publication, in the weekly presidential newsletter Ramaphosa revealed that South Africa clinched the top spot – yes really -as the best country for global business services.

At Boston we have been rallying this cry for years, and it is for this reason we actively sought out international accreditation for our institution from the USA as well as the UK. As evidenced in this report, the world has become a smaller employment market, digital tech allows us all to be global players, and we need now for our skills and talents to be on a international level to take advantage as business borders melt away. 

What makes South Africa an attractive market for global business services? Well, consider this: we are centrally located in time zones, labour is less costly when you factor in the relatively weak currency we have, the majority of those seeking employment speak a good English, and while data is expensive and, in some cases, prohibitive for skills acquisition, our institutions have come to the party and made it affordable for students to carry on learning even during a pandemic.

In fact, institutions such as Boston were already tech enabled and moved seamlessly into online learning for their students. Overall the digital economy in South Africa improved rapidly and dramatically during our Lockdown, and WFH (work from home) has remained in pace for many corporates. WFH actually created its own industry in décor, facilities, and tech as companies and individuals became entrepreneurial telling us what we needed to study or work in comfort from home!

What are global business services and how does one take advantage of this boom? Global business services are call centres – imagine you buy a Dell computer and need to have a query answered? You will email or call a call entre, without knowing which country your response emanates from. So they deal with customer support and tech support for international products.

This sector has added 40 000 jobs to our economy since 2018, and is aiming to make this number 100 000 by 2023. Looking to grow to a half million new jobs by 2030, this will help lower our current unemployment rate with accessible and manageable jobs.

What should you be doing? Look at upgrading your skills in tech, this will include qualifications such as A+, N+, MS Security and more. Also, debt collection and call centre qualifications.  Ensuring that your qualifications recognised is important, and having that international accreditation on your CV is a real life bonus. 

Because of time differences, you can often get work in this industry on night shifts – daytime in Australia or America, so this can help fund your studies as you complete your qualification.

Look also at international work sites where you are able to advertise skills such as copywriting and graphic design amongst others, and complete individual jobs on an international basis. One such is Upwork. Keep in mind in some instances payment can be complicated , so look at that aspect first to make sure it is worth investing your time advertising your services.  Looking to do a qualification or gain new skills? visit



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