Mother and son study together

It's not often that a parent and child are afforded the opportunity to study together. Two families share their experiences with the aim to inspire more mother and son study partnerships.

The bond between a mother and son is something incredibly unique. She’s there throughout her lifetime to raise her son, guide his life choices and support him through thick and thin. Sometimes, in special cases, that means walking the same career path, or making the same choices as her son to learn new skills and make educated professional advancements, like studying together.
In celebration of Mother’s Day, two such mother-and-son duos have shared their inspirational stories with us.

Charles and Delwyn Swart signed up for and completed Faculty Training Institute’s Certificate Programme in Project Management Practice (CPPMP) in 2012 together, while Wasiema Lombard signed up for FTI’s well-known Diploma in Business Analysis (DipBA) in 2009, her son Yusrie is following in her footsteps this year. We caught up with them recently to find out how their lives have changed since they added such practical, sought-after qualifications to their CVs.

Delywn and Charles Swart
Delywn Swart is currently a Category Analyst and her son Charles is a Junior Technician, Project Manager in training with his employer. Delwyn explains that she and her son decided to study together after her company offered her the opportunity. “Charles had already shown a naturally strong lean toward Project Management, Leadership/Managing, so the decision made sense to do it together,” she says.

Delwyn recalls how family and friends were surprised that she had decided to study at her age, but believes that it is important, no matter where you are in your life or career, to back up hands-on experience in the workplace with formal qualifications. Sharing a course with her son, Charles, meant that she had assistance with the course work and weekly assignments. While she and Charles completed their assignments separately due to time constraints, the support was invaluable to both of them.

Charles applies the knowledge he gained from the CPPMP course daily, as 80% of his business revolves around projects, while Delwyn relies on the training to give her a practical foundation for her job which is timeline-dependant. Charles is very strong in identifying and recognising current elements of what he learned two years ago and today relies heavily on Gantt charts, WBS, timelines and the like. He has since enrolled at UNISA to compliment his Certificate in Project Management Practice with a qualification in Engineering.

Wasiema and Yusrie Lombard
Wasiema is currently a Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst and her son Yusrie is a Content Administrator.  Wasiema completed FTI’s Diploma in Business Analysis in 2009 and felt that the course provided her with such value that, this year, she insisted that her son Yusrie sign up for the course as well, even though he did not meet the courses prerequisite of having worked as a Business Analyst (BA) for at least two – four years.

Wasiema believes that it’s important for Yusrie to complete the course now as she thinks that the “role of Business Analyst will suit him as he has always been interested in learning about what a BA does and how the role fits in with a project team.  He is also quite eager to complete his course and start working as a BA.  I believe that FTI is the best training institution if you want to study to become a Business Analyst.”

While Wasiema initially had some concerns about Yusrie enrolling for the course fresh out of high school, the fact that she would be there to provide support and mentor him through the process, soon meant that she was confident that he would have no difficulty in completing the course, in his own time.

Wasiema is pleased to report that she uses the skills and knowledge gained from the Diploma in Business Analysis course every single day and would like to encourage other people considering the course with the following words of wisdom: “It’s important to remember that you must apply yourself to anything that you start. If you have faith in yourself, you will be able to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.”

The Certificate Programme in Project Management Practice is a four-month course aimed at newly-appointed or aspirant project managers and project co-ordinators who want to develop a solid grounding in the essential skills of project management. The course is also an essential building block for delegates wishing to pursue professional project management certification. Find out more about this course on the FTI website.

The Diploma in Business Analysis is a six-month part-time course aimed at the professional business analyst. However, other types of delegates have benefitted from the diploma. The intention of the Diploma in Business Analysis is to develop thinking, confident Business Analysts with a strong grounding in selected, representative tools and techniques and an awareness of different project and software lifecycles. This course is endorsed by the IIBA®. Find out more about this course on the FTI website.

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