NDZ Confirms Alcohol Will Be Available But Cigarettes Will Not




Level Three Regulations

Under level 3 it is expected that an additional 8 million people will go back to work. However the government is encouraging all companies to allow all those who can work from home, to do so.  All those over 60 and those with co-morbidites are particularly encouraged to be working from home.

There is bad news if you were waiting for a haircut. Hairdressers and others personal care firms are not permitted to open but Minister Ebrahim Patel has committed to have immediate discussions with the sector to find ways to allow the sector to open.

The Bizportal that was used to provide essential services certificates to companies will stop providing this service from the end of the month.

All businesses that were open in level 4 will remain open. All shops will now be able to open to sell all goods. Restaurants will be able to open for delivery, collection or drive-through, but will still not be able to allow customers to sit down and consume food on the premises.

Alcohol sales

 NOTE: President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on the 12th of July that the sale of alcohol will once again be banned with immediate effect during the national lockdown.

CIgarettes will still not be on sale under level 3 of lockdown.

Travel between provinces is not permitted unless you have a permit to attend a funeral, for work or business with a permit, or to provide essential services (or to attend school or university).

Masks and sanitisers

Everyone who enters a workplace, public space &/or public transport must wear a cloth face mask or a homemade item that covers the nose and mouth. We must also ensure that all our public facilities have sanitisers & that all patrons are screened

Personal movement 

Movement across provinces & between metropolitan area & districts & hotspots is prohibited, except for persons travelling for purposes of work; moving to a new residence; or caring for a family member. This is provided such persons have the relevant permit.

The curfew will be lifted. You can exercise between 6am and 6pm but not in groups. They must wear masks when exercising. People can go to and from school.

Religious Gatherings

Religious counselling is to be considered an essential serivce. From the 1st of June religious gatherings will be allowed uner strict conditions. There will be a National-day-of-prayer, on Sunday, as announced by the President. This day must be observed in the comfort of your homes or through virtual means.

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Those permitted to travel for funerals are legal spouses or partners ofthe deceased; children or grandchildren of the deceased, whether biological, adopted or stepchildren; children-in-law of the deceased; parents of the deceased or stepparents; siblings & grandparents


Exercise is allowed between 6am and 6pm each day. Public training, fitness and recreation facilities remain closed except those conducting non-contact sports matches, without spectators. The Minister of Arts, Culture and Sports will elaborate on this.

In minimising the chances of infection, on site consumption places for food, entertainment & recreation will remain closed. These include restaurants, shebeens, taverns, night clubs, bars, cinemas, theatres, fêtes, bazaars; casinos & similar places.

Students are waiting impatiently to return to campus

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  Regulations L3_Final_Final.pdf