Never outsource your happiness

We are so eager to load everyone’s ‘garbage’ onto our own lives that it smothers us and takes away our own happiness. In fact, we become ‘garbage trucks’ filled with other people’s worries, stresses, frustrations and issues.

Don’t outsource your happiness. With this we mean that you should not rely on someone else to be happy. If you say something like “I had a bad day because you ruined it...,” you are outsourcing your happiness. It is not the fault of that person. He or she might have a bad day and take it out on you, but it is still your choice on how you handle it. Happiness is a mind-set. Happiness is what you choose to focus on. A friend once said “it is your own fault if you don’t enjoy the party.” No one is responsible for your happiness except for you.

All the experts and articles over time explain that happiness doesn’t come from the outside like from other people or possessions, but from inside yourself. If you outsource your happiness you will:

  • Become depressed and detached
  • Blame everyone else for your problems
  • Won’t take responsibility for your actions
  • You will give people and circumstances power
  • You will always have bad days
  • Stop giving your experiences and days away to negativity. Start having good days. Good days will never happen unless you yourself allow it to happen and don’t give people or situations power over your happiness. Where to start?
  • Boost your confidence – focus on the good things and master skills like gratitude and self-worth.
    Remember work-life balance is key. Do what you love both personally and professionally.
    Take it one step at a time. Living an absolutely happy life is a series of building blocks. Grow your mind to think happy thoughts every day and in every situation. Practice makes perfect.
    Cut out news and social media. This really helps you to take moments and just focus on what you are doing without becoming jealous of someone else’s memories and reading negative news of violence, politics etc.
    Be kind to others. Try it and see how this will make you feel better about yourself.

    Don’t wake up one day, suddenly asking the question “Am I wasting my life?” It is up to you to make yourself happier every single day. Worrying and stressing about everything every day, robs us of our happiness. The Mindspa Institute, a soft skills training provider, has a course called Personal Branding with a Winning Mindset Training. This impactful, purpose-changing course is for everyone who wants to exponentially accelerate their personal growth. Inquire by visiting the website or email [email protected] or contact one of the sales consultants on 010 110 0226/7.