New opportunities in higher education

The term “business management’ is broad based and refers to a range of skills and job opportunities. When you are in matric it might seem like a good idea to study Business Management, but to truly succeed to find your niche.

“There are quite a variety of fields to specialise in,” says Natalie Rabson, Marketing Manager of Boston City Campus & Business College. “This explains the extensive range of business management courses to choose from. From credit management to information technology management, you are sure to find a business management course that will suit you and your career goals” 

Rabson explains that Business Management involves many learned skills and also many aspects of an organisation. “In short, business management involves running an organisation. You may be doing tasks such as controlling, leading, supervising, organising and planning of projects, business deals as well as managing staff”

Different job opportunities open up when you study business management courses. Depending on the type of business management courses you study, you could apply for a position in:

Business Management studies have a tendency to improve job security, because you become versatile within an organisation. “Business management is one of those fields where, no matter how many cutbacks are made, organisations will always require the skills of a business manager to keep the business up and running. Business managers usually fall into a higher salary bracket because of their versatility that lends to them being active managers.

How do you decide on which aspect of Business Management to specialise in? When choosing a business management course, make sure you choose a field you are passionate about. If you have a head for numbers, a career in finance management would be perfect.

The following are the new Boston qualifications accredited by the SABPP:

  • Higher certificate in Marketing Specialisation Sport
  • Higher Certificate in marketing Specialisation Tourism
  • Higher certificate in Paralegal Practice
  • Human Resource and employee relations
  • Higher certificate in Marketing Specialisation Digital music
  • Higher certificate in Business Management Practice
  • Higher certificate in Marketing Practice
  • Higher certificate in Commerce in General Management
  • Diploma in Commerce in Public Relations (two year minimum study)


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