New skills training provider committee initiated by APPETD

At their AGM of 25 May 2012, the Association for Private Providers of Education, Training and Development(APPETD), initiated a new committee to cater for the needs of Skills Training Providers.

The committee will be chaired by Guy Blackbeard, who is eminently qualified for this position. Guy has many years of experience as the Director of a skills training provider at Maccauvlei. Guy, who is soon to retire from his college, will be assisted by a committee consisting of such members as Rooksana Rajab, Marietta van Rooyen, Marina le Grange and many more.

As an umbrella association, addressing the needs of private providers, APPETD has seen the need for the Skills Training Providers who are doing occupational training and thus fall under the QCTO.These providers are still dependent on the SETAs for their accreditation and other service. Skills training providers are looking for a home where their grievances and issues can be addressed.

At the moment a sector of these providers are under severe threat from the government. The reason for this is the fact that the QCTO is not ready to take up its duties. APPETD is planning to be proactive and get legal advice in order to approach the government from a legal point of view pursued them to put in a place a fair deal for skills training providers.

APPETD`s reason for legal intervention is based on the fact that despite numerous and extremely quick proposals for amendments to legislation in the last two years, absolutely nothing has been done about the conflicting legislation that directly affects private education and training providers who are SETA accredited since 2001 for Level 5 occupationally directed qualifications.

APPETD has had several meetings with the Department officials over all this time, and each meeting has been concluded with the promise that once the QCTO is operational, it will address the issue.

Other threats to skills training providers are:

? Government institutions do not understand the function of occupational training in the workplace
? SETA services to providers are often dismal and below standard
? Providers battle to get payment once the services are rendered, especially from government agencies.
? The authorities that are registering providers do not understand the anomalies caused by the different sets of government regulations.

APPETD needs to be the first choice of membership for all employers, large and small to assist them with their needs.

Providers that need more information and want to join this forum must please
forward a request to Cynthia Reynders, CEO of APPETD.

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel no: 011 234 3104/5