New Whatsapp Privacy Policy Raises Concerns


Whatsapp recently introduced a new privacy policy that users are expected to accept by 8 February. This new policy has users concerned about their privacy and some have even moved to different apps offering similar services. 

Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, wants to sell user data to advertisers. This will allow businesses to contact and sell products directly to users. 

MD of WorldWideWorx, Arthur Goldstuck said advertisers will be able to directly target users by keeping track of their online activities.

"Almost anywhere you go online today, you are being tracked...What is then done with that information is that it used to help advertisers target you based on your previous informational activity."

"The moment you started downloading apps and using them, you were giving permission for various pieces of information to be shared by the provider of the apps" said Goldstuck.

Goldstuck said the aim of the new policy is to target Facebook users.  

"The idea of this is to target you on Facebook, when you're using Facebook with the information that has been gathered about your behaviour or your usage of both Facebook and Whatsapp. In effect, it's aggregating the user behaviour of Facebook and Whatsapp users in order to target them more effectively on Facebook." he said. 

"I also believe that the intention is for Whatsapp to become an advertising medium as well in the future. We shouldn't be surprised if we're suddenly informed and have to again accept terms and conditions that say we will be shown adverts that are relevant to our interests" said Goldstruck.

Since Whatsapp's announcement, messaging apps like Telegram and Signal have seen an increase in users.

According to Sensor Tower, a data analytics firm, Telegram downloads increased by 2.2 million while Signal gained 100 000 users in just two days. 

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