No more inter-provincial travel - Law enforcement officials are on patrol

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has called on interprovincial travelers to exercise extreme caution on the roads, as the grace period for transit across provincial boundaries draws to a close. 

The once off movement, of persons who were not at their places of residence or work, when the lockdown commenced, will end at 23:59 tonight.

“Law enforcement officials will be out and about, ensuring road safety and compliance to lockdown rules and regulations. We urge road users to travel with care, sanitise their vehicles, wear face masks, do not exceed the required carrying capacity and drive safely. Road safety remains paramount, even in times of COVID-19,” said Mbalula on Thursday.

From 1 May -7 May 2020, those who found themselves in provinces outside their places of work when the lockdown commenced were given a window of opportunity to return to those provinces,  so as to gradually resume economic activities.

A direction was issued to allow long distance buses, taxis and private vehicles to travel outside the 8pm curfew. That allowance comes to an end just before midnight.

Minister Mbalula urged motorists not to leave their transit to the last minute, refrain from speeding and adhere to the lockdown regulations and the directions thereof.