NSFAS Laptops Coming Soon



person using HP laptop

After months of waiting, Minister Blade Nzimande has confirmed that NSFAS students will be receiving their laptops in April. 

The Minister confirmed this in a statement released in response to a letter of demands from the South African Union of Students (SAUS).

"This process is being managed by NSFAS. As reported by the Executive Officer, NSFAS has placed a first order for laptops, and these will be made available to students, in line with the agreed processes, as soon as they are available. NSFAS has indicated that the first deliveries will be made in April 2021." said Nzimande. 
NSFAS Administrator in 2020, Dr Carolissen said NSFAS faced delays with securing a tender for the laptops.
These delays were caused by NSFAS having trouble finding qualified bidders. 
The first bidders to apply for the tender did not qualify for the tender, this led to NSFAS cancelling the tender and advertising a new one. 
In order to qualify for the tender, the chosen company would have to be BEE driven, support Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development and provide 50 000 laptops for NSFAS students. 

In 2020, Minister Nzimande expressed that he was not impressed by the delays NSFAS was facing with procuring laptops.

"I'm not happy about the fact that this process is delayed.

"I want to make this clear. The laptop process was driven by NSFAS which means the accounting officer and the accounting authority for NSFAS, which is Dr Carolissen, is the one who was responsible for the entire process".

"I tried single-sourcing and failed. I am open about that. I was concerned that these laptops must come sooner rather than later," said the Minister.

Some students will receive allowances, which they will have to use in order to buy laptops and other school related equipment. 

Here's a breakdown of NSFAS Allowances for 2021: 

  • Student allowances - R5000 for learning materials to purchase electronic devices for their studies.
  • Living allowance - R15 000 for full time students doing contact learning
  • Incidental allowance - R2 900 for distance learning & Unisa students 
  • Travel allowance - R7500 for students living at home or at non accredited accommodation. 

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